Color makes me happy. Maybe because I have lived under the gray skies of the Pacific Northwest my entire life, I can’t help but to embrace it. As a child, I discovered the joy of working with glass by helping my grandmother create stained glass windows. Those lessons in creativity piqued my interest in the medium and my lifelong fascination with the interplay of glass, light and color began.

Years ago I decided to follow my heart and take the leap from the corporate world into doing what I love most – spending time with my two daughters and pursuing this passion for glass art. Largely self-taught, I have been working in glass for the past 10 years and have studied contemporary art with local and international professionals. Much of my work is inspired by the beauty in nature and travels throughout Italy.



Our Process:
Inspired by Nature 

Murano, Italy

Murano, Italy

Charity Stewart’s glass designs combine time honored Murano craftsmanship with contemporary style and flair. Each creation is thoughtfully made with crushed glass and genuine millefiori, all wrapped in precious metals and love in our Portland, Oregon studio. 

Italian for 1,000 flowers, millefiori is an ancient glass making technique characterized by a flower like pattern. It is produced by first heating a bundle of thin glass rods of different colors until the rods melt together. The bundle is pulled thin, cooled, then cut crosswise to produce small slices with intricate designs. Each piece of our jewelry is made using the fused method, which beautifully captures the light refraction and depth of glass.

CSD pieces are elegant, unique and designed with the highest quality materials. Wearing our jewelry evokes a sense of nostalgia and spark of joy, to be treasured for life.